Best places to do Magic Find on Diablo 2


I am going to reveal some of the best places to do magic finds. Eversince "MF Bots" were introduced, certain popular place like Pindleskin have been "Nerfed". That means that drops are way way less. Players always say, the more MF you have, the better your finds. I have a Trapper Assassin and the MF is around 250. These are the places I have did trials for magic finds and it is way better than all the regular places like Andariel, Mephisto and Baal. These are the place that bots are programmed to go.

The Pits

The Pits is a cave located at Tamoe Highland in Act 1. It is just outside the Monastery. You have to take the Outer Cloister Waypoint. Once you are outside the door of the Monastery, follow the path. The path will split into 2 ways. One back to "Black Marsh" and the other straight to "The Pits". You can find all elite uniques/set items.


It is at Stony Field located at Act 1 when you are going to find the Writ's leg to open the cow portal. Kill Rakanishu as he does give good drops and when you are in Tristram, kill all the monsters. I have found unqiues like shakos, skulders and even a Gul rune off those "Champion" monsters


One of the best places to find low runes and occassionally a high one. You can even find most elite uniques/sets and socket items to make runewords.

Ancient Tunnels

This is located in Act 2 at the Lost City. It is a trap door on the ground. You can find stuffs like COA, Griffon etc. If you play legitly, it will take some time to find the trap door which is always located amongst the "broken stone walls". The interior of the tunnels looks exactly like the sewerage when you search for Radament.

Eldritch and Shenk

They are located at Frigid Highlands in Act 5. Its straight forward in finding them, Eldritch is up and Shenk is down. Theres no harm killing them and cross your fingers.


Located in Act 5 in Harragoth. Kill Pindle and all his minions including the ones outside. Depends on Lady Luck.

Worldstone Level 2 and 3

As we all know, bots would just teleport straight to throne. Level 2 and 3 are one of the best places to do magic find as well as level up at the same time. Usually people only think of waiting for a TP to throne just to gain the exp. But I found these 2 levels to be the best places for magic finds. That includes all elite uniques/set items.