How to Rush a Mule in Diablo II ( English )


Rushing a level 1 to Hell in expansion is all in know one simple thing.

Every quest (but Ancients) is received by every member of a party sitting in town as long as another party member is getting the quest where the killing is taking place.

So if you have a level 1 sitting in town (act 5) partied with a level 20+ getting Normal Baal quest, your level one also gets that quest. Level 1 in act 5 town NM partied with level 40+ getting NM Baal gets NM Baal quest.

This holds true for Andy, Duriel, Council, Meph, Izzy, Diablo, Shenk, Anya, and Baal. So all of the must have quests also works for Cave, Radiment, the Bird & the Book which are must for those low level duelers.

Hope this helps everyone with the rushing and the Farming of Runes, now go flood the market with your self found non-poofing runes.



Act I
1.Go straight down to the Level 4 catacombs. Once you are in level 4, kill everything before opening the double doors.
2.Open TP and bring the mule down, open the double doors and kill everything.
3.Wait for Andy or draw her near you. Kill quickly. The mule needs to be at
least a screen level within death. You will know if you are successful when you get a level 4 portal.
4.Take the mule to Act 2.

Act II
1.Do Claw Viper Quest for Arcane wp.
2.Go into a public game and just party with a group and hang out and get the Duriel quest; you are counting on them doing the quest. This is for just you solo.
3.Get the Staff of Kings, and the amulet. The mule needs to get the amulet, but it's not a problem. Your High level character will kill everything. TP and mule just comes in, open the casket and get the amulet and the quest.
The mule will use the cube to merge the king of staffs and the claw viper amulet to get the horadric staff. High level character goes to arcane.
4.Get near Summoner, Tp for mule. Make sure Summoner is near. This gets really tricky, but timing is important. It helps to kill everything except Summoner, bring in the mule and kill Summoner within screen level of mule.
5.Find the right tomb. Bring in the mule to open Duriel's cave. You can kill Duriel with the mule safely in town.
6.Make sure the mule talks to Tyreal first, because if you dont, it will say you can't complete quest. Talking to Tyreal makes the game think you were there when Duriel died.

1.Go to Trav. Kill everything around the council area. This is very important, because just because the priests run from High level character, they will home in on the mule. So make sure everyone is dead. Don't kill council just yet.
2.Bring in the mule. You can also try to position your mule on the ledge behind the building the council is in.
3.Try to draw council to you, but protect the mule. You must kill all council within screen shot of the mule or your mule will not get quest. Be careful of FE or Cold enhanced. Their death won't hurt you, but will take out your mule.
4.Give your mule Durance wp. Go to Durance level 3. Kill everything but Meph.Tp mule down. Your mule should be ok off to the side while you hack away at Mephisto, he doesn't last long. Mule should be about to take red portal to Act 4.

Act IV                                                                                                                                 1.For Hellforge: kill everyone, tp mule down and your mule will get hammer off ground and smash soulstone.
2.For Diablo. Kill everything. Try not to do all portals; if you do, no sweat, it's just easier to position your mule in a safe spot before you summon Diablo.
There is a corner northwest of the pentagon that you can tuck the mule away in. And yes, the mule needs to be down there when you kill Diablo. Kill Diablo. The mule will take portal to act five.

Act V
1.Get the socketed quest and runes quest. For socketed quest, have the mule screen view when killing Shenk, shouldn't be too hard if you are careful.[edit] Nightmare1.Rinse and repeat

•This takes about 2 hours. It takes about an hour to get him to Diablo. The time holdups are Maggot Lair, Arcane (can never find the right way) andthe Soldier rescue. A teleporter can make up for the time.

•One idea to save time is to have a mule that opens Duriels, then leaves!Whenever you get a mule that gets the Viper and Summoners quest, have the Duriel mule open a new game and then have the second mule enter it. Duriel's portal will be open without the hassle of the Maggot lair quest.

•It might be a good idea to level the mules to about level 8 for extra life, but keep it below 9 to save from pk'ers. Some people like to use Barbs, I prefer Druids (for extra stamina)

•After clearing the area before the double door, open a TP. Mule can then stay in this room. For this particular quest, that is Andy quest, Mule does
*not* need to be within 2-screen radius, rather Mule can be anywhere in Cat4. Rusher can then just teleport to Andy's room without clearing the ante-room.

•You can't get Ancients quest; mule is too low. But what you can do is party with a character that needs Baal also. Have that character kill Baal while our mule is safety in town and you both will get the quest. You can bring in a character that you finally want in Nightmare at this time and party your mule with him or leech in a baalrun game and hope there is someone there that needs Baal, will kill Baal.

•Use the podium to the left of the Temple. On Durance 3, the mule can get quest from anywhere on that level. However it's, kind of, mandatory to kill at least Bremm & Co so when the mule takes the red portal there's no fear of a hydra.

•If you're doing normal/NM rush and you have a powerful rusher, you don't have to kill everything in Chaos. Once you kill all seal bosses and hit all seals, all monsters still alive in Chaos will vanish. Place a TP right
by the column for the mule to get down before you hit the last seal. Use the moment when earth shakesfor sorc to teleport to pentagon and mule get down to hide behind column.

•Mule will get quest if he stands within 2-screen radius of where the Quest Boss got killed. Therefore, Mule does not even need to see the Shenk death animation, etc.

•If you are rushing more than 1 Mule, only 1 Mule needs to do all the above, the other Mules can stay in town and only talk to the NPC that allows them to go to next Act.

•When you rescue the Barbs, you don't need the mule for the first 10, but you do for the last five. Just make sure you kill everything around cage, but don't free the final five without mule around or you won't get the quest.